About Our Aircraft

All of our aircraft have Tanis heaters, autopilots, and they are IFR equipped.  Please click on the photos to the left for more features and photos of each aircraft.

Our Archer provides economical, fun flying.  It’s a great choice for fly-in breakfasts, flying EAA Young Eagles, $100 hamburgers and sight seeing.  She’s also good for cross-country flights and instrument training.

Heres your opportunity to fly a glass panel Cirrus! One of our members who flies 757s for a living reports our Cirrus provides more information for him than his work planes.  The Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System (CAPS) and its 145 kt cruise speed make this a great cross-country plane.

The Six is our winged SUV.  Its wider fuselage, 140 kt cruise speed and 1280 lb. useful load make this plane a very comfortable cross-country hauler.

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